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Episode 9: The Young Guard

Inspired by the HECKIN COOL new Netflix movie The Old Guard, Robyn wants to talk to you about the eternal search for the fountain of youth and the odd ways in which humans are currently trying to halt the natural progression of aging. — Articles referenced in/used for the episode:  —...

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Episode 8: A Trojan Horse of Information

This week is another interview, this time with GGS community member and science writer Jeni Hackett! Robyn and Jeni discuss being kids raised in video game households before Jeni explains why it’s so important to not leave out the arts when discussing STEM. Critical thinking, fandom as a doorway to wellness, and the dangerous accessibility...

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Episode 7: Sleep is Self-Care!

Turns out that a pandemic and civil unrest aren’t great for all of our sleeping habits. Who knew? So Robyn did a bit of a deep dive into all the benefits good sleep can have on our bodies. There’s tips and tricks for trying to overcome different types of insomnia, what to do if you’re...

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Episode 6: Make Your Goals SMART

This week is another interview, this time with GGS community member, Hayley Birch!   Robyn and Hayley talk about their shared geek origin stories, their similar family histories, being a competitive Hufflepuff, and how spiritual wellness doesn’t have to come from religion.   You can follow Hayley @hrhHayley on Twitter and IG! — Board Games...

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Episode 5: Health Disparity

Today is not our regularly scheduled episode. Instead, Robyn wants to talk to you all about health disparities, implicit bias in healthcare, and how racism is a barrier to wellness. Your mission this week is to do something. — If you are looking for ways to help – whether in action or in research or...

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Episode 4: “I Am the Snape of Fitness!”

On today’s episode, Robyn discusses the importance of teachers having teachers, and puts the lesson into practice immediately by interviewing her “Jedi master” Saysha Heinzman.  Robyn and Saysha discuss 80s and 90s analog entertainment, using The Force as a way to get in the right mindset for lifting, and creating a gang of misfits. Lastly...

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Episode 3: Exercise Like a Kid Again

On today’s episode, Robyn digs deep on how we view educators, especially health educators. Gather round friends, because she has some feelings on the subject. Robyn also discusses how bad experiences in phys ed can lead to adults who have aversions to physical exercise.   For the interview this week, Robyn talks to GGS member...

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Episode 2: We’re All At Home Now…

Welcome to the Healthy Geek Academy – make sure to wash your hands before touching anything!    It seemed strange to drop a pilot episode that didn’t address how life has changed for most folks, so we’re dropping this additional one!   Robyn talks about the best ways to find little moments of self-care including...

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Episode 1: Welcome to Your First Day at the Healthy Geek Academy!

Welcome to the Healthy Geek Academy!    In this first episode we are introing you to your host, and fearless Gryffindor leader, Robyn Warren.   Robyn discusses her own start in both geek fandoms and in the health and wellness sphere, interviews Mischief Management COO Taekia Blackwell, and then closes the show by explaining how...

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Trailer: Classes Begin Soon!

Coming soon from Mischief Media and Geek Girl Strong – a podcast where fandom and wellness collide! Subscribe to this feed to keep up to date on when classes are finally in session.

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