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24. Health in Star Trek Part One

May 25, 2021

It's time to boldly go... well where lots of podcasts, but not this one, have gone before! Robyn chats with HGA-producer and lifelong Trekkie Leah Cornish, about health and wellness in the Star Trek u...

Healthy Geek Academy | Health in Fandom

16. Health in X-Men

November 17, 2020

Health in fandom returns as Robyn decides to dig deep into her favorite comic property: the X-Men. She discusses the best (and often worst) examples of wellness inside of the property, and how we can ...

Healthy Geek Academy | Health in Fandom

12. Health in Anime

September 15, 2020

It's time for a new format! We're calling this one Health in Fandom - where Robyn will discuss health and wellness inside our favorite properties or fan spaces. This week Robyn talks about examples in...