Healthy Geek Academy

Robyn Warren leads the modern geek on a personalized wellness journey

Healthy Geek Academy

Episode 7: Sleep is Self-Care!

June 30, 2020

Turns out that a pandemic and civil unrest aren’t great for all of our sleeping habits. Who knew? So Robyn did a bit of a deep dive into all the benefits good sleep can have on our bodies. There’s...

Healthy Geek Academy

Episode 6: Make Your Goals SMART

June 16, 2020

This week is another interview, this time with GGS community member, Hayley Birch!   Robyn and Hayley talk about their shared geek origin stories, their similar family histories, being a co...

Healthy Geek Academy

Episode 5: Health Disparity

June 2, 2020

Today is not our regularly scheduled episode. Instead, Robyn wants to talk to you all about health disparities, implicit bias in healthcare, and how racism is a barrier to wellness. Your mission th...